Old Man’s Legs

We all get old

In our macho stay fit and be bold culture it’s hard to accept that I have Old Man Legs. But I do!

The Life And Times Of Brian Waddington

I bet you thought you were going to be treated to a shot of my old man legs? Not to worry I’m not that cruel.

But the truth is that many cultures worship at the Temple Of The Powerful. Which means people such as myself who have old man legs, wrinkly skin, less hair than in years gone by and no worldly power are often shunned.

Strange as it may sound being only partially visible does have advantages.

  • fewer people feel the need to run your life
  • there is no need to keep up with the latest fashion trends
  • Old people can do things under the radar, so to speak
  • you can become an eccentric

There are other advantages but why give away all of the secrets?

Justdoing what comes natural
I know when to sleep

I have no desire to be a young pup once again. Many tears and angers have gone into making the person that is now supported by these old man legs. And, I’m happy to say, more than a few smiles and joys.

I like who I am though I must admit that I’m no fan of the old man aches and pains that come along with the old man legs.

But as some wise one from days gone by put it;

What can’t be cured must be endured

The Life and Times Of Brian Waddington



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