Fhe macro world is truly fascinatimg

Brian's Folly

Fascinating Images ~ Unusual opinions

My grandmothers were very different. One a strict Scottish Presbyterian the other knew the local bootlegger and rolled her own cigarettes. If either would be offended by your writing style or comment content it gets trashed. End of discussion. WP puts in the ads. I have no content control nor do I receive any income.


Wisdom and discernment is all about finding the real deal
I knew you were there

Wisdom Plus Discernment Equals The Real Deal

May I suggest that until you have lived long enough and learned from enough bad choices to have developed Wisdom and Discernment within that you pay attention to Elders, Mythology, Sacred Wisdom Literature and people around you who have made the right choices? You just might save yourself a lot of needless pain.

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A fire in the belly is needed for a good old age
Keeping the fires stoked

Burning Brightly

Burning brightly in your deepest core is not a bad way to keep the ravages of old age in their proper place. Your body will still be falling apart but your spirit won’t be near as bothered.

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